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           - Ramsay Memorial Trust, Royal Society of Chemistry, The Royal Society and The Leverhulme Trust


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· We have now moved to the University of South Wales!!   http://staff.southwales.ac.uk/users/7148-growen1


· Some recent work by Nikos Tsoureas and Yu-Ying Kuo has recently been described as pioneering!- Well done both!  (#NewModeofH2activation)

· Miriam’s most recent Organometallics paper is one of the most read articles in the journal this month (Oct 2012)

· Dr. Owen has been recognised and selected as a ‘2012 Organometallics Fellow’  and with be giving a presentation at the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia - see flyer  See the recent Editorial in Organometallics!! - Link

· Check out our new review article on hydrogen migration which has been published in Chem. Soc. Rev.

· A former postdoc in the group, Dr Nikos Tsoureas now working in University of Sussex, is shown on a film entitled Chemistry Matters: Eureka! which has been published on the ‘Nobel Prize’ website. That’s interesting chemistry he is drawing!!  

· Some of our recent work has been included in a special issue of Chem. Commun. entitled ‘Emerging Investigators’ It has also been highlighted a special web issue called Hydrogen’

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